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Saturday, May 4, 2013

"PDay...Finally!!" Week #2/MTC

Well, I'm finally on my P-day. Its been a a long almost two weeks to go without, and it is needed. My new schedule makes us get up way early and be in class at 7:15, and eat all our meals earlier. Safe to say that our new schedule is not very popular, and our P-day really only last till about 10am, because we have scheduled events that we have to have. We were so lucky with our other schedule on having it on Tuesday, because they do a Tuesday devotional at 6-7ish so we didn't even have to go to class on Tuesday, but now our p-day has a class in it. It's not a big deal, it just means we have to hit the vending machines before we go to bed because we eat dinner at 4:10, and Breakfast is at 6:45, which is a long time between meals. Our gym times are better though. 

Speaking of gym, this past week and a half the field has been open, and we have been playing a lot of soccer, and I have been getting injured a lot! I messed up my knee the first day, when I was playing goalie(Goaly?) and ran out to get the ball and an elder and I collided. I could barely walk for the next three days, I couldn't bend it very far, but It wasn't broken or anything so I just decided to power through it, which wasn't a good idea, because I just hobbled around for the next three days. Its much better now, I'm at about 95% with it,I just don't have full flexibility yet. Then yesterday I was running to intercept the ball and an elder and I collided again, except this time his elbow hit my nose, and broke it, but as i fell I kind of held it/put pressure on it, and when I hit the ground it was enough pressure that it luckily snapped back, which is great cause I probably would have been a big baby had I had to manually push it back into place. So my nose it full of scabs today and really sore, but I had the trainer look at it, cause I know I felt a crunch and movement, but he said it is fine, and to not be as aggressive on the field next time ( Like I wanted my nose to be broken haha). So soccer and I see how much we can hurt each other each day, but its really fun. But I do think I'm going to convince my district to play volleyball or kickball so that next gym I don't sever a limb or something in soccer. 

Classes here at the MTC are really awesome.Our main teacher is Hermano Osuna, from Mexico city, who served in Monterrey west and he is excellent. He is a native speaker so we get the best Espanol, and hes a wonderful guy. Our teachers are our investigators right not, but its working out weird because there are so many new elders and one of the teachers took a vacation, so we have gone through three investigators. We made one flee to Ecuador( vacation), the next one left us for another missionary pair (Shes teaching a different district) and another that moved out of our zone. 

So my companion and I are getting good at teaching the "Get to know and first lesson" Here at the MTC they do things backwards, instead of teaching us the language, and then applying it to the gospel and then teaching, we are doing it the other way around. First we teach in the very little Espanol we know, then we learn more. It really makes us rely on the lord. I've never devoted myself or tried so hard at anything in my life, and its easy to see how much I have to rely on the lord.There is no way after only three weeks of learning Espanol that I ca teach, especially the gospel of Christ, which can become more and more complicated as investigators ask questions. But! Somehow I do teach and testify ( Yo se que! haha), and talk in lessons, and it is only through the spirit that brings Espanol to my remembrance. The main teacher is the spirit, so as long as we invite that and have it stay our lesson is successful, even if we were to not even talk, if the spirit is there, the investigator will learn. My companion is awesome at Spanish, he took five years of it, and knows a lot more than I do, however everything is catching up now, and instead of being light years ahead of me in grammar (Which he still is) I'm closing the gap. You should see my notebook and how many words I'm memorizing haha, I'll take a picture and send it when its really impressive. I was going to upload the few pictures that I have, but its so early i forget to bring my camera, but its OK, ill do it closer to the end of my stay and send you all the pictures. Its really fun talking in Espanol to my district and zone, and I learn a lot when I do. This weekend should be nice and easy, after our marathon of classes and work, today is going to be nice and slow, and we only have one class which isn't too bad. Though I don't know if we are teaching, which is making me nervous, cause nobody seems to know who our teacher is going to be. But the next two days are going to be relaxing. 

I'll wrap my letter up, cause my laundry is almost done, but I'll send another in a second once its is changed over for specific people and if you could forward them/ e-mail it to them that would be awesome, because I really don't like writing letters haha. Anyway love you all, and pray for you all each night, I'm doing great out here and learning so much! hope you guys enjoy your weather and time, and thank you for the candy package! it was sent at the perfect time! Love you all! -Tim

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