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Saturday, May 11, 2013

"PDay Again.." Week #3/MTC

Well another P-day has arrived. Even though on P-day the only thing that really is different, is I get up really early and do my laundry, then go back to sleep and do a regular day, I still look forward to it haha. This past week has been fun, and challenging, as im sure every week will be in my mission. 

In response to some of the questions that I remember, and you will have to excuse me, it is pretty early right now, so if I miss one sorry, But! We are called Elders, Hermanos means brothers, so sister missionaries are called "Hermanas" but we arent called "Brothers" we are called "Elders". 

Espanol is coming along, I'm blessed with a companion who knows a lot of espanol and has a grasp of it. I can understand almost everything people say, if im listening, however my challenge is speaking it, but im getting it. This past week our district made the goal to speak only espanol, except in required situations, and it is very helpful. So its a pretty big relief typing this in english haha. Devotionals here are awesome,i have liked every single one, and get another tomorrow! Temple trips are very nice, its awesome to see so many people going to the temple and to learn more. 

My district has been assigned to be hosts this Wednesday for the incoming missionaries, and I am pretty excited for that. I get a haircut later today, which I really need, and then get to start my last "Normal" week! The time has just flown by, everyone in my district wants to go out into the field and teach, however we know how helpful the MTC is, and understand how much more we need to learn. So while we want to get out of here and into the field, we also want to stay here and just learn as much as possible. Visa's for every mission are getting hard to come by because of so many being required, so most likely I will get re-assigned to a state side mission, then once my visa comes in go to mexico. Which is awesome because then its like I have two missions haha.

Thank you everyone for all my birthday wishes and packages, they were very much appreciated, and all the letters that are now being sent, its wonderful! However, dearelder is very weird and hard to understand, the letters keep getting jumbled up and mixed and just confusing, so if you would please, no espanol, the computer doesnt know what to do with it, and it messes up the whole letter and then I have to decipher strange computer code among the message, which isnt fun. Try not to be fancy with your paragraphs or spaces in between texts, it just messes up the flow of the machine and I get letters with different subjects on them, and have to solve a puzzle and put the right paragraphs together, which is very confusing. But thank you all so much for the letters and dear elders and packages! 

This past week has been great, in the area of sports, I have survived another week, and even gone one without an injury, which was fantastic. I played soccer and basketball, kickball, and foursquare, which I had never played in my life, but was pretty easy. I have such amazing teachers here at the MTC, both of my teachers are just excellent spiritual giants and full of knowledge. Early on our teacher went on vacation, and since our teachers are also our "Investigators" we had subs and so we had about five different subs and each one was a new investigator, so we got to really learn how to introduce ourselves and begin teaching and find their need, but the farthest we have gotten with an investigator is lesson two. My favorite teacher was one of our subs, and he is no longer our teacher but I still see him from time to time, he is an awesome man and I really dont know how else to describe him. He is the perfect role model for anyone to follow, and loves the lord. Also my first teacher, Hermano Osuna, and he is just the same as Hermano Bryd, (my favorite) he is a native in mexico, so we get to learn espanol and learn the accent which is awesome. 

There are so many missionaries here, it still impresses me, every week 500 leave and 500 more come in. Every single week! I just remembered a question that was in a previous letter. My district has eight elders in it, no Hermanas for some reason, but we get 4 coming in this week, Elders Smith, from new Hampshire and my companion and the best at espanol, Gunnell (me haha), Miller from south Carolina pretty good at espanol, and big into wrestling , Collins from Utah, about 20 minuets away from the MTC haha, really good at soccer, Lefholz(District leader) from Georgia, nice southern accent and an awesome guy, Murdock form Idaho who's pretty quiet and is struggling with espanol but really funny, elder Demille who is also quiet but really knowledgeable and determined, and Elder Hunt, who I sit next to and call the polar bear, because he turns the temp alllll the way down every day haha. Everyone is awesome and we all love each other, you just start to when literally every second of every day is with each other. We are all going to Monterrey east except, Lefholz and Murdock who are going to Tijuana. They are all great and yes Elder Hunt and I talk all the time about how our Moms know each other now, and try and think of what you two talk about haha, he still calls you Sister Gunnell, which I think is pretty funny. 

Every day here is so long, but then at the end of the day you get home to your residence and wonder where 16 hours just went. Anytime there is something different also makes everything better. So thats why P-day and Sunday are so awesome is because they are different, not even in what I do, just different scheduling, and it feels great to break the pattern. Well my laundry is done, so I have to send this letter, but I still have 28 minuets left on my time, so I will send out some more to additional people, love you all lots! and thank you for everything!


P.S.  Unfortunately i am out of time but Happy Mothers day!! Love you, go onto and find the video for mothers day on there, and that is my happy mothers day to you, also while you are there look up bible videos of the life of Jesus Christ and find "For god so loved the world" and watch that as well. Love you


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