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Saturday, May 25, 2013

Last PDay before Mexico! Week#5/MTC

So today is my last P-day and second to last day at the MTC. I cant believe it has gone so fast! Monday was pretty much the only normal day here. On Tuesday we flew out to las vegas, which was really nice to get out of the MTC. 

There were ten of us all going, 5 from my district and 5 elders from another. We made quite a scene walking through the airports all in our suits and backpacks. It was probably the first time I felt like a real missionary haha, not because everyone was looking at us, and some people called out and said hi, but it was so obvious that so many people want or need to hear our message. Anyway to give the full story, one of our elders bought a tiny book of Mormon from the bookstore, and we all brought two pass along cards, and made goals to give them all away. We left salt lake at about 9am, got into las vegas at about 10:15, and then were spirited away to a church building. First of all, Las Vegas is interesting to say the least. I dont know if its because I had been in the MTC for a month by then, or if the people there truly just didnt want to wear clothes, I dont think I've ever seen so much skin and skimpy clothes and in an airport! haha, it was like I was on the beach. Anyway after I left the den of iniquity of the airport, we went and got our visa's from the consulate. 

This was pretty cool, because it was like a preview of Mexico. The moment I stepped into the building everything went from english to Spanish. And I mean everything, I didnt see a single english word. Automatically we all started talking in espanol, and we were the only whites ones there haha. All I had to do was sit there, then go get a picture taken and scan my fingers when the lady called my name, ( Pronouncing it like Elder Guu-neyy) My favorite part though was this little kid in the back room, where they were working, his Mother must have brought him in, and he was so excited haha. He was running around and looking at papers like they were the coolest thing he'd ever seen, and drawing and just being a kid haha. The best part though was he talked in espanol, and this probably 4 or 5 year old kid knew more espanol than I did haha. 

After we got our visas we went and chilled at the church until we had to go to the airport. Once we got there our plan got delayed for another 30 mins so, we waited for about 2 hours, so my district decided to explore a little. I got some nice pictures and learned how to use my camera haha. Anyway, our whole trip nobody had placed anything, or even had a significant talk with a non-member. Partly, because we were so distracted by all the new sights, but also I think because it was the first time and we were all shy. We had talked to lots of members and everything but not fulfilling our goals. So I decided to talk to whoever sat next to me on the plane. I had a nice young couple sit next to me, who had been vacationing in California, and were coming back to Salt Lake, they werent members, but both had families that were. They werent interested in the church, they told me right at the start haha, but I still just talked to them, and was looking to see if I could find any need or anything that I or the church could help with. We had a nice conversation, and they were great, but they werent interested. 

So our flight was over, and I was walking off the plane with my district and was feeling really down that nobody had placed anything! so I decided just then and there, even though the guy behind me wasnt interested I was going to give him the Book of Mormon Elder Miller bought. So I got it from Elder Miller, turned around, and the couple was gone, couldnt see them anywhere. And I mean I know they were behind me, and we were right at the gate. So they either stayed on the plane after they stood up, or had run past me without me knowing. Anyway, now I was really sad, and so was my district. as we were walking to the front we were all expressing our disappointment that we werent able to place anything. We were back in Salt lake now, so now everyone, not just some people, were saying hi to us, and trying to stop and talk to us. but we were running late and just tried to brush them off. We got to the start of a long hallway with people sitting in the chairs on the sides waiting for planes with only a few people walking in the hallway, and I saw, as we turned onto the hallway, an extremely old man at the far other side turn around in the middle of the corridor, see us, saw his eyes light up and immediately started walking towards us. And all I could think was oh, no, this guy is going to want to talk to us. I wish these people would stop, I'm late and want to get back to the MTC. So we just kept walking and sure enough in the  middle he met us and said, " Hi elders! where are you all headed off to?". He proceeded to greet us each individually, and just in that old person way, talk for about what seemed like an eternity, but was really only probably two minutes. 

Anyway, then, just because the Lord loves missionaries, and knew how sad I and my district was, and he probably wanted to give us some experience. The old man said " My wife and I just finished our third mission. We are sitting over there, ( and he pointed to a corner) and we have a contact for you all, and want you to come over and teach them". So we all immediately said of course, ( And my exasperation with this man vanished on the spot!!) and we decided, it might be a little overwhelming if all ten of us went over to this one lady who was sitting over in the corner. So I, Elder Miller, and Elder Demille volunteered to go over, while the others kind of came over and talked to the wife. To make the story a little shorter, we came over and introduced ourselves, and were just talking to the young woman. We found out that she and her boyfriend had been backpacking for a month in Thailand, had some pretty awesome,and some pretty scary experiences, and they had decided as a couple that they wanted to join a church and be married. The boyfriend came over, just as we were about to start talking to her about the church. So we got to hear his story as well, which re-stated hers. 

So Elder miller beautifully stated our purpose, and how God loves everyone, and then as he was talking, one of the other elders came over and whispered to me that we really needed to go, and that our people were waiting for us and we were late as it was. so once elder miller finished I moved right into how the gospel blesses families, and just laid it right out in front of them for them to become married, and how they would be blessed from that and that desire, and then I talked about how the book of Mormon blesses and helps families, and I took it from Elder Miller, gave it to them, committed them to read the introduction and 3rd Nephi. And then, right when I ran out of things to say and didnt have anything else, Elder Demille jumped right in and gave them our cards, told them that if they had questions or wanted to meet with missionaries, to call the number or go onto the website. And then we left/ ran away because we were about 2 hours late!!

Anyway, I was so glad that I hadn't given that book of Mormon away to the first couple I met. They most likely would not have read it or done anything with it. And Im convinced thats why I couldnt find them. Because the Lord knew, and had been preparing this other couple that was so receptive and so ready for the church, I know they are reading it and investigating. Anyway, it was an awesome experience, and I loved it. AND, it was in English (It's so easy in English haha) but, about halfway through I was talking to the boyfriend, and talking about marriage, and said " ...And you and your...." and just blanked haha, they only word that came to my mind was Espousa, which is wife haha, and I didnt want to say that and didnt want to say your girlfriend, (for some reason it just felt weird or wrong haha), And the guy just said "... My girl?". which completely threw me for a loop haha, but I recovered and continued haha. So I cant wait until the field, when I can do that everyday, and be guided by the Lord to people who are ready and willing to hear our message of love and hope. 

The rest of the week has been the same. Though there have been some sad moments saying goodbye to teachers and others. I was not able to up load pictures, so I am just sending my picture card home after today, so you will have to wait another week for pictures. But today is the last day of class, after P-Day, and I start packing today. I cant believe its gone so fast. Anyway, I've learned some info about Mexico,  try not to send me packages, as they most likely wont get to me. Dearelders and e-mails are the best. However the man that told me all this information was a little weird and crazy, so why dont you send me a small package in a week or so, with nothing important in it, and see if I get it. (This man was under the impression that most people now-days speak an aztecian or mayan language in mexico, and only about 30% speak spanish....) Anyway, for the first try, dont put anything important in it. 

The MTC is great, I'm really excited to go out into the field, even with my very poor espanol, but I know i will get it. All I have to do is invite the spirit  and no matter how bad my espanol is, it will be okay. Anyway, love you all, glad to hear the yard sale was effective, and make sure you draw closer to God, in scripture study, and prayer. I'm telling all my investigators about how the book of Mormon has blessed me and my family, so make sure I'm telling the truth and that you all are still reading, and if you have any awesome blessings that you think an investigator would like to hear about, shoot me an e-mail haha. 

Anyway love you all, talk to you on Monday!


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