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Saturday, May 18, 2013

"PDay...headin to Vegas!" Week #4/MTC

Well another week has gone by at the speed of light. This is the fastest time has ever moved for me. Especially this week because there was something different almost each day that made the day go by fast.  

This past week, Monday was normal, but for our devotional on Tuesday we got to have Russel M Nelson speak to us, which was pretty awesome. He gave a great talk about ancestry and missions.  So there is my General authority talk. Wednesday I hosted which was fun, which I dont know if Morgan has described it or not, but hosting just means I get to stand out on the curb and when a missionary arrives, makes sure he says his goodbyes, pry him away away from his mother. and go get his stuff with him and drop him off at class. Its really fun, and awesome to see so many missionaries. Over 600 arrived that day, and my Zone got a new district of eleven elders and hermanas. Unfortunately that night in the class orientation one of the new hermanas threw her cookies onto the floor in our corridor. I felt really sorry for her, so the next day I shared my temple story with her haha. Thursday and Friday were pretty normal, but still went by very quickly. This Saturday once again I get to go to the temple and do a session, clean my clothes, take a much needed nap, and then go to class haha.  Today will be different though because In our lesson today we are skyping with some members in Chile, Guadamaule, and Mexico, and teaching them a lesson. So its different and should be interesting. 

So this last week was the last normal week for me. This next one is my last full week, and has some important events to mark my departure. Its crazy to think ive been here over a month now, I couldnt tell you what I did on wednesday, the days just all blur together, but its awesome. So on Tuesday I fly out to Las Vegas to get my Visa, I have to talk to some Mexican consultant and so my District and I will be taking that day and going to Las Vegas to get that. Which reminds me, I would really like Jordans address so if you could send that to me in a dear elder that would be great =D. SO unfortunately I will miss the tuesday devotional, which are always good, but I do really want my Visa. Then on Friday I have "In field orientation" which is an all day thing of just giving me info about my field. Other than that though, the week is normal. 

I will probably leave the MTC next tuesday. So only about ten days left haha. Im really excited to leave, however the MTC has been awesome. The teachers here are some of the best I have ever met. It's wonderful, and there is so much knowledge. We watched a previous talk given here at the MTC by Jeffery R Holland, talking about the MTC. One thing that has been important to know since day one for every missionary, is that this is the MIssionary training center. Not the language learning center. While it is important to learn the language and how to teach. Much more important is that we are converted to the lord, that we as representatives of Christ, can go to the field and do our best job doing that role. I wish I could send you the talk, but it was spoken here which means it cant be accessed by anyone but people at the MTC. I do have a part of the talk with me that the teacher printed off, so I will mail that to you, of course it was Jeffery R Holland, so its was powerful and blunt and convincing. 

Next P-day im going to try and send you my pictures, since it will be that last time I can. I hope I can do it all here on the computer, but if not, then your getting another letter with a memory card in it. My laundry is getting close to being done, but if you could tell me over the next week, how the yard sale goes, and how mission prep is going, especially for Taylor Hymas. And how church is, and the missionaries both sets now. By the way Ive met a bunch of hermanas going to manchester new hampshire mission, over my stay here and told everyone to look up the wilcox family, so I hope you get to meet one that remembers that name haha. 

Anyway, love you all, have fun in the yardsale today, and have more fun at church tomorrow! and be ready for pictures next week haha


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