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Monday, May 27, 2013

Made it to Monterrey!!

Well this is my email home to show that I made it haha.

My president seems awesome, and I like it here already. Its hot and I love it haha. Without the suitcoat its not too bad, and without a long sleeve shirt it would be even easier. I just had pizza hut and some new drink called Jamaica, which is like this lemonade koolaid drink thats really good. Hopefully Hermano Thomas knows about it.

I will be sleeping in the mission office tonight, get my companion tomorrow, and then ship out to wherever that is. However, because the mission is being split into three parts, wherever I am assigned first, say Monterrey or some other city, that is where I will stay for the rest of my mission. Not in that specific city, but which ever new mission that city is in that is the mission I will be in. So next time I get a chance, I will tell you where I am. 

I have come to the realization, that I know no español.  Thankfully, my president and the APs have talked a lot in English, but I know it will be interesting once I start teaching. I may teach today, it depends if we have extra time after interviews with the president. I dont know if I want to or not haha. I hope we dont have to teach just yet; I'd rather have a trainer first, than just be put with a zone leader, and go out. 

Anyway this is my letter home to say I made it and that I am now in the most beautiful, best, most awesome place Ive seen yet haha!!! I love it here already, and cant wait to see more of mexico. Love you all, and talk to you soon! - Tim

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