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Friday, April 19, 2013

3 days in the Missionary Training Center now...

Well has been three days since Elder Tim Gunnell entered the MTC and began his missionary training. By now he has started to learn Spanish, has mastered the cafeteria salad and fruit bar, and has made fast friends with his roomies! We miss him like crazy. His brother wandered over today and realized just how long two years is, even though he had just gone through it. I think he saw it in a different light when you are the one left at home. It's very quiet here and we, Mom & Dad, feel very awkward in this new setting. Mom is still trying to get a job after having been out of work for 6 years while caring for Papop, and Lonnie will start at Bean on May 2nd. It's a surreal feeling; somewhat different than when Morgan went to the Philippines in 2010. When he left, we had Tim here and even Papop was still with us. Now, it's just "us", as Morgan lives at the fire department and, of course, Papop has passed away. We get ready for our move by packing now & then (which is emotionally exhausting) and we start each day with missing both of them. We anxiously await Tim's first email to us. We don't even have his box number, so writing to him is impossible. The blessing is I can email him and he will have that to read. We are also anxious to hear of his adventures so far. So for now, not much news, but as soon as I have some, here it will be.....Momma Wilcox

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